Founder’s Key Next Steps

Thank you for your support, feedback and interest in DayAway. We are striving to build something revolutionary that millions of people can enjoy. We may have hit a few bumps in our mint process so far, but good things – and true innovation – often take time to catch on. In this piece, we would like to outline our vision for the Founder’s Keys moving forward.

Hi Founders and (hopefully) Future Founders,

We’re excited to announce the next steps of our Founder’s Key sale!

Here is the TLDR:

  1. We will be adjusting the price in ETH daily to be fixed at USD $2,500 – starting now!
  2. We will reimburse current Founder’s Key holders 300 USDC who minted in ETH
  3. Founder’s Key supply to remain at 500 NFTs
  4. After January 24, Founder’s Keys can only be purchased via exclusive partnership
  5. We are here for the long-term and have BIG plans for disruption

Firstly, thank you for your support, feedback and interest in DayAway. We are striving to build something revolutionary that millions of people can enjoy. We may have hit a few bumps in our mint process so far, but good things – and true innovation – often take time to catch on. In this piece, we would like to outline our vision for the Founder’s Keys moving forward.

1. Founder’s Key Pricing

The Founder’s Key was always marketed as USD $2,500. That was the price for our Presale purchasers (no discounts, no giveaways), and that was the price point that was compelling for our preferred partners to offer us great privileges – knowing it is a premium NFT where everyone paid at least $2,500 for it (Fun Fact: some travel memberships cost $2,500/*month* so our Founder’s Key is considered a steal by the mainstream Web2 travel market). It is not currently possible to price drops on OpenSea in non-crypto currencies, and the volatility of ETH in the days surrounding our drop definitely created some challenges.  These price fluctuations caused a pricing imbalance for our Keys where Presale purchasers were fixed at $2,500, but Public Sale purchasers that had to pay 2 ETH were effectively paying $2,800+, and with current prices they are now $3,100+.

To rectify this, starting immediately, we will be adjusting the price in ETH on a daily basis to ensure the price of the Founder’s Key is locked at, or very close to, $2,500.

2. Offering 300 USDC for Public Sale Participants

Furthermore, for all current Founder’s Key holders who minted for 2 ETH, we will be offering to reimburse you 300 USDC for your Founder’s Key. Please do not request a different amount based on the exact price of ETH when you minted. We have done our best to analyze the pricing and believe 300 USDC is more than fair for everyone, plus we want to keep a fixed amount across the board for all holders, regardless of the exact price of ETH at their respective time of minting. We would also like to put a time limit on this claim until January 31. Please email or send us a Telegram message with your Founder’s Key # to initiate the reimbursement.

3. We Have Conviction in Our Total Supply

We are not going to reduce our Founder’s Key supply. We have a business with long term viability, a strong customer base that we have built over the past 2+ years, and dozens of key relationships with hotels and luxury travel companies.  In five years, when there are hopefully 10,000s of DayAway NFT holders worldwide, we would like to have a sufficiently large community of 500 Founder’s Key holders (many of whom will have no intention of selling their Founder’s Key) in order to sustain meaningful trading volume and attract exclusive packages for our customers. 

4. DayAway B2B Concierge

Well before our mint – and with an unanticipated influx of interest since our mint – we have been in discussions with many strategic partners for collaboration. Many Web2 and Web3 businesses alike see the strategic alignment where DayAway can provide utilities to their userbase. Whether it is an NFT project that needs support booking room blocks, discounts, experiences and events for their community during NFT or crypto conferences – or spa discounts and access to coveted member clubs for Fortune 500 companies – DayAway is able to connect this demand with supply and create a win-win outcome for all parties.

With this in mind, in order for a Web2 company or Web3 community to access this service, they will need to hold a minimum number of Founder’s Keys (ranging from 10 – 50 depending on the size of their community).

Think of this as a DayAway B2B Concierge service (or as we like to call it C2C, community-to-community). For example, if BAYC owns 20 Founder’s Keys, then DayAway will block off 100 rooms at a preferential rate at Marina Bay Sands exclusively for the BAYC community during Token 2049 in Singapore, and a Bali retreat after the conference for token holders to redeem free villa nights and complimentary access to private beach parties for their community. Or, if JPMorgan purchases 50 Founder’s Keys, then DayAway will provide all JPMorgan employees with exclusive spa, dining and wellness experiences via our marketplace as a “mental wellness” benefit (how very woke of them). 

In order to have enough supply of Founder’s Keys to sell to these corporate partners or Web3 communities, DayAway will close the Public Sale on OpenSea on January 24 at 5pm PST and reserve the remaining Founder’s Keys for B2B strategic partnership sales.

5. DayAway is Thinking BIG PICTURE

We understand that the NFT space brings many types of buyers. Some are purchasing to speculate on the price action. Others are passionate about a project and interested in purchasing their NFTs regardless of whether they generate financial return or not. And others may be interested in the utilities and access that the NFT provides. We have never targeted the speculative buying group, but we understand that engaging this type of buyer is important for creating awareness and trading volume, which in turn attracts more targeted buyers.  Reaching qualified buyers and long term holders takes the most time as they aren’t necessarily active in the NFT space. They also demand a high-quality product, which may still be in the process of maturing. 

Nevertheless, we are aware of the market landscape, but want our community to understand that we are in this for the long-term. We believe that in the coming years, blockchain technology will be adopted by mainstream hospitality, travel and lifestyle brands to facilitate the seamless, frictionless redemption of benefits and rewards using NFTs and token gates that are INVISIBLE to the user. And we want to be the first! Imagine what this means for our Web3 native token holders getting in on this kind of market disruption early…

Lastly, thank you for reading this. Thank you for your support. Business is hard. Crypto is very hard. But we are prepared for this. DayAway possesses the perseverance, passion, and courage to break down the barriers between Web2 and Web3, and we feel that our unique use case for blockchain technology will disrupt traditional loyalty programs, and revolutionize the global hospitality & travel industries. 

This technology has the ability to bring millions of people into the world of Web3, and DayAway has the market knowledge, relationships, and conviction to make that dream a reality. 

Join us!

Thank you,
DayAway Team

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