Unlock a world of experiences with the Founder’s Key NFT

What to expect from DayAway’s most exclusive membership ever.


It’s official! DayAway is diving into the world of Web3 with the launch of our Founder’s Key. The Founder’s Key is an NFT like no other. It’s the first blockchain-enabled membership and loyalty program of its kind, unlocking access to the most luxurious hotel, travel, culinary, design and retail experiences worldwide.

With just 500 created, and available only to our early adopters, investors, Web3 partners and DayAway community—this is the most exclusive membership that we will ever release.

It will come as no surprise that the Founder’s Key is inspired by hotels (we are DayAway, after all). Just like a hotelier’s master key can open any door, the Founder’s Key will give you a level of access that is usually reserved for the Founders themselves. But where their exclusive access is limited to one location, you’ll be able to unlock a wealth of incredible experiences all over the world!

What you get with a Founder’s Key NFT

The Founder’s Key has been over a year in the making, but it was important to us to launch only when we could provide immediate benefits to our NFT holders. Benefits that meet the standard our community expects from DayAway (and those that we’d genuinely love to experience ourselves).

  • Lifetime DayAway Platinum Membership (USD $500/yr value)
  • Complimentary access to the DayAway Diamond Concierge—our premium service for our Founder’s Key holders
  • Upgrades and benefits at luxury hotels
  • Monthly offers worth USD$100 from our growing list of experience providers, including discounts on experiences and merchandise 
  • Instant discounts and credits on the DayAway platform including 10% off DayAway experiences as well as $100 of free DayAway credits (for first-time purchasers) 
  • Special privileges at Raffles Hotel Singapore including 10% off the Best Available Rate for overnight stays and 15% off services at the Raffles Spa 
  • A 10% discount on Mandala Group’s villas in Bali, Indonesia and chalet in Niseko, Japan 
  • Exclusive access to global members’ clubs including invitations to Mandala Group’s private events, restaurant tastings and travel retreats 
  • Complimentary DayAway x The Asia Collective edition of Hungry in Bali 2023, which includes US$1,000+ worth of privileges to be enjoyed at restaurants, cafes, sunset bars, beach clubs and spas across Bali 
  • Promotions from premium champagne & spirit brands (like Código)
  • Access to exclusively curated DayAway experiences (private tastings at Michelin-starred restaurants, parties on super yachts and ultra-luxe beach club openings)

All of that and we’re just getting started! As DayAway continues to expand internationally, with more partners, more experiences, more benefits, you’ll be gifted more utilities, including invitations to exclusive events, discounts, promotions and upgrades for years to come.

And then of course, there are the Web3-specific benefits.

When you mint a Founder’s Key, you become part of our Web3 elite. That means you get a free NFT from all of our future projects and priority bidding on our DayAway Bucket List NFTs—a series of money-can’t-buy experiences curated by the world’s most iconic brands that will be sold as 1:1 NFTs. This level of access won’t be made available to anyone other than Founder’s Key NFT holders—not even to those within our own team. When we say this is the most exclusive DayAway membership to ever exist, we really mean it! 

What makes the Founder’s Key different from a regular membership

One of the ways that The Founder’s Key NFT membership is different from a standard membership is that it’s ever-evolving. You don’t have to upgrade to a higher tier, or pay an annual fee—you buy the Founder’s Key once and new benefits keep coming.

Unlike a regular membership, an NFT is also a form of investment. Over time, as the community and utilities grow, your Founder’s Key could increase in value. And for the first time ever, your rewards and benefits will be a salable, tradable, transferable asset. In the future, if you choose not to hold onto it, you can sell your Founder’s Key at your leisure. That’s the power of digital ownership.


What makes the Founder’s Key different from other NFTs

NFTs have been amazing for the art world, and there are some great digital collectibles out there. But there are also a lot of get rich schemes which offer nothing more to their holders than an overpriced profile picture and an invite to a stagnant Discord channel. 

That’s not the case with the Founder’s Key. 

With a Founder’s Key, you get benefits that you can experience in real life. Places and parties that you’ll remember forever. We all know how much joy travel can bring to our lives—that’s what DayAway and the Founder’s Key are built upon! 

What’s more, you can enjoy these experiences immediately: no waiting 18 months for a launch. From the moment you own a Founder’s Key, you could book a villa with one of your exclusive discounts and be on your way to a beautiful resort in Bali. 
This isn’t an NFT that’ll collect dust in your wallet. The Founder’s Key is the NFT for people who live for life-enriching, luxury experiences.

Now, if you’ve made it this far, you’re probably wondering how you can own a Founder’s Key? Whether you’re a Web3 native, or don’t have a wallet yet, we want to make it easy for you. 
Simply register your interest to reserve your Founder’s Key and we’ll take care of the rest.

Stay updated on announcements and utility updates

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