Why Web3 Is The Future Of DayAway

We’re diving into NFTs and the metaverse. Here’s what it means for you, our DayAway community.


When we started DayAway in 2021, our goal was simple: to provide our community with access to luxury escapes through a seamless digital user experience. Since our launch, we have been so encouraged, and humbled, by the response we have received from our loyal partners and guests. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!

We understand that you might have a few questions, like “what do NFTs have to do with hotel experiences?” or “does this mean I’ll only be able to Sling & Swim in the metaverse?” and we want to take this opportunity to answer them all.

So let’s get into it.

First of all, what’s not going to change.

Our transition into Web3 is an evolution of DayAway, not a transformation. Our platform will still offer luxury daytime experiences, plus some new lifestyle experiences that go beyond hotels (hint hint: private sailing escapes, VIP shopping trips, tastings at Michelin-starred restaurants). 
Everything you love about DayAway will always be here. Web3 will make it even better by enhancing the way you use your membership and accrue benefits.

We’re launching NFT-enabled memberships.

When you buy an NFT, you don’t just buy a jpeg—you buy a piece of code that gives you proof of ownership. Proof that you own a piece of digital art. Proof that you own a house. Proof that you own a membership. 

The latter is exactly what we’re offering with the DayAway Genesis collection

Genesis is the world’s first NFT loyalty program and membership that grants you immediate and exclusive access to luxury experiences from some of the world’s most iconic brands (such as Waldorf Astoria, Rosewood and more). It’s like the “black card” of NFTs! 

Our first drop in the Genesis Collection is the Founder’s Key—500 limited-edition NFTs which unlock a Lifetime Premium Membership to DayAway, plus access to luxury hotel, travel, culinary and retail experiences worldwide.

We’re also building further NFT drops such as partnership-specific Genesis Keys and our highly exclusive Bucket List NFTs which are completely out of this world! We’re talking once-in-a-lifetime, money-can’t-buy experiences (like behind-the-scenes access to Formula 1) that will be sold at auction as 1:1 NFTs. More to come on that soon. 

We’re bridging the gap between real-life and the metaverse

Metaverse technology should enhance and complement the real-life travel experience, not try to replace it (because let’s be honest, swimming in a virtual infinity pool just doesn’t compare to the real deal). 

And so, we’re working with our partners to build experiences that seamlessly coexist across the physical and virtual worlds—from hotel tours in the metaverse, to exclusive events that you can unlock with your Genesis NFT during your stay.

Now that you’re all caught up on our Web3 news, you’re perhaps wondering why we’re moving into this new space?

We’ve always believed in Web3.

Web3 was always the plan for DayAway. It was there when we were developing our software. It was in our presentations when we were pitching to our hotel partners. And now, we get to share it with our wonderful community. 

Genesis is only the beginning and we’re collaborating with trailblazers in the Web3 space such as Wilder World and Metaversal to create even more amazing stuff! 

This has been over a year in the making, with countless meetings and hours of conversations. We would only invest this much time and effort into something that we truly believed in. Web3 isn’t just the future, it’s happening right now!

NFTs give us the freedom to put our community first.

All money raised from Genesis NFTs will go straight into building more experiences and benefits for our NFT holders. 

In other words, we’re raising from our community, for our community. 

This gives us more freedom and fewer restrictions. We can put all of our energy into providing the most value for you. 

We believe NFTs should have utility.

Just like there will always be room for paintings and sculptures, there will always be room for digital artwork. But it’s time for NFTs to move beyond that. 

Our Genesis NFTs are about immediate, real-world utility. You get more than a jpeg and an invite to a Discord channel. You get immediate access to incredible IRL experiences that you can enjoy today, not tomorrow.

Genesis is so much more than a membership, it’s an asset.

With a DayAway NFT, your membership and participation in our loyalty program will become an actual asset, not just a paid subscription. As DayAway continues to expand internationally, onboarding more partners, more experiences, more benefits, you’ll continuously be “airdropped” (or gifted for free) more utilities including invites to exclusive events, discounts, promotions, and upgrades. Over time, the value of your NFT could increase, and for the first time ever, your rewards and benefits will be a salable, tradable, transferable asset.

Web3 can transform hospitality & loyalty.

Hospitality is one of the oldest industries in the world and where there’s tradition, there’s also outdated marketing initiatives, fragmented loyalty programs and inefficient systems. Web3 has the power to break down those barriers. 

What’s more, the potential is staggering. Where the global luxury hotels and resort industry is said to be worth $160 billion dollars by 2031, the experience economy is set to grow to $8 trillion and the metaverse market is expected to skyrocket to $13 trillion. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime! 

With our NFT and metaverse platforms, we want to be the bridge between the luxury hospitality industry and the world of Web3—guiding them every step of the way.

So there you have it, our big news! 


Learn more about Genesis

We’re transitioning into Web3, simply because DayAway will be BETTER because of it. Our community means everything to us—from our guests to our network of partners. And that’s the bedrock of everything that Web3 is built upon: community

This is a huge change for us and a huge change for your DayAway experience. But as we said, it’s only going to get better. 
Learn more about Genesis, reserve your Founder’s Key and join us on the DayAway Telegram for first look at all of our upcoming Web3 news.

A new era of Experiences: Learn more about the Genesis Collection here